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EAMBA accredits degree programs in business, accounting and related fields at the associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels at universities around the world.

EAMBA expects business programs to be delivered by an established academic unit. For the purposes of EAMBA’s accreditation of business programs, an “academic unit” is defined as an organizational unit that is responsible for the administration and delivery of the institution’s business programs. This unit may be a department, division, school, college, institute, academy, faculty, or other organizational structure. However, EAMBA respects the differences that exist among higher education institutions and recognizes that institutions may have legitimate reasons to offer some business programs through other academic units of the institution. In addition, it is expected that the academic unit and other academic units within the institution that offer business programs will be led by faculty with doctoral or professional degrees in business.

EAMBA’s accreditation process requires the academic unit to develop a comprehensive self-study that demonstrates the extent to which it meets EAMBA’s “accreditation principles,” which are its evaluative criteria for accreditation.

In addition, the academic unit must undergo an on-site visit by an independent team of professional assessors. The academic unit’s self-study, a report of the findings of the on-site visit team, and the academic unit’s response to the report are then reviewed by EAMBA’s Board of Commissioners, which will decide on the accreditation status of the institution’s business programs.

EAMBA’s specialized program accreditation is a means for students, parents, operators, the business community, and other stakeholders of the institution to gain assurance that the academic unit adheres to high principles of excellence and follows best practices in business education. In addition, accredited schools have demonstrated a commitment to continuous improvement, excellence in business education and academic excellence. Accreditation means that an academic unit’s programs are strong enough to be considered high quality programs and that the academic unit is operating effectively (e.g., achieving excellence in student learning and performance).

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