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List of rankings

EAMBA MBA Global Ranking


Welcome to our MBA Rankings Archive! Here, you can navigate through a wealth of historical data, providing a window into the evolution of MBA programs around the world. This archive serves as a treasure trove for those interested in the dynamic landscape of business education, offering insights into how rankings have shifted over the years.

How to Use This Archive:
Select a Year: Choose a specific year to view the MBA rankings from that period. Each year is a snapshot, capturing the state of MBA programs at that time.
Compare and Contrast: Use the archive to compare rankings across different years. This can help identify trends, such as which programs have consistently excelled and which have seen significant improvement.
Diversity and Inclusion: Explore how diversity initiatives and gender representation have evolved within MBA programs by examining the rankings and accompanying analysis for each year.
Graduate Success: Assess the changing success rates of MBA graduates over time to gauge the long-term value and impact of different programs.

Additional Resources:
Methodology: Understand the criteria and processes used to compile the rankings each year. This can provide context for the changes and consistencies observed over time.
Insights and Analysis: Alongside the rankings, find detailed analyses that delve into the trends, challenges, and breakthroughs in MBA education for each year.

This archive is more than just a list of rankings; it’s a comprehensive resource for educators, students, and professionals seeking to understand the past, present, and future directions of MBA education. Whether you’re a prospective MBA student making an informed decision about your education, a business school alum looking to reflect on your alma mater’s history, or an academic researching the field of business education, this archive has something for you.

Dive in and explore the rich history of MBA programs across the globe, right here in our MBA Rankings Archive.