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In order for an academic business unit’s business programs to be considered for EAMBA Candidate status, the academic business unit must follow the process summarized below:

Candidacy Requirements

The purpose of obtaining Candidate for Accreditation status (also referred to as Candidate status) is to provide an opportunity for the academic business unit to prepare to be in compliance with EAMBA’s accreditation policies, develop a comprehensive self-study, and complete a site visit conducted by a team of EAMBA peer reviewers.

In order for an academic unit to be considered for candidate status and for its business programs to be eligible for EAMBA accreditation, the academic business unit must:

Step 1
Be an EAMBA educational member in good standing.

Submit an Application for Candidacy, Part I including:

Evidence that the institution awards business degrees at a level equivalent to a U.S or EU. associate, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree.

Evidence that the institution has a valid institutional accreditation/recognition from a recognized institutional accrediting agency or from a recognition agency appropriate to its geographic region and that the accreditation/recognition is in good standing.

Step 2
Have at least one graduating class from each business program to be assessed for eligibility for accreditation prior to applying for initial accreditation.

Attend the EAMBA Accreditation Institute prior to submitting the Application for Accreditation, Part II.

Submit a current and complete Outcomes Assessment Plan (OAP). The OAP must include all business programs for which specialized accreditation is sought and must meet all current EAMBA expectations and requirements.

Submit a completed Application for Candidacy Part II. 

Pay the appropriate application fee.

Step 3
Attend a candidate visit by an EAMBA representative.

Respond to the report of findings from the candidate visit.

Step 4
Have the application, OAP, Site Visit Findings Report, and response to the Findings Report reviewed by the EAMBA Board of Commissioners.

A candidate for accreditation may not claim or imply EAMBA accreditation. Candidate for Accreditation of Business Programs is the first step in the accreditation process. The purpose of becoming a Candidate for Accreditation is to provide as an opportunity to prepare a demonstration of business-related program compliance with the EAMBA Accreditation Principles through the development of a comprehensive self-study, implementation of an assessment plan, and on-site peer review. Once candidate status is achieved, publication of candidate status will be permitted – but only in accordance with prescribed EAMBA policies. If granted, candidate status will be for a period not to exceed five years.

More information

The EAMBA Accreditation Process Handbook describes the quality assurance process EAMBA uses to accredit MBA programs and provides additional details regarding the scope of EAMBA accreditation.